Sunday, March 27, 2022

Remember Maples Pavilion Trumps The Eyes Of Texas Are Upon You As Stanford's Going To Final Four


For the Hull twins from Spokane revenge in hometown is very sweet
Avenging a Maples Pavilion upset when by Texas Stanford went down in a home court defeat
Not sure if Remember Maples Pavilion was on their lips
But the Cardinal was fired up to take another Final Four Trip
But for the first half the Tree
Was deciduous and having shed its threes
And Brink in the first half in foul trouble disappeared
Only to in the third quarter score ten and block any shooter coming near
Haley and Lexie were the bookends of offense and drives leading to trips at the line
Where compared to the Longhorns the Cardinal percentage was really fine
A hard fought game that perhaps could have gone either way
But the eyes of Texas were not smiling on the Longhorns today
With a ratio of 11 to 1 of blocksTexas point chances came up lame
With the only other winner before the tournament South Florida down in flames
The Gamecocks who destroyed Creighton are the only ones left to a season loss allay
Too soon to predict who escapes with a win on April Fools
To advance to the final for a championship duel 
Alums all want their school to be in and win the final dance
But accolades for all who managed this far to advance
Women’s basketball is the real deal
We must never allow any chance that Title IX is diluted or repealed

© March 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet  

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