Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Psaki Links Biden and White House to Putin Crimea Invasion and Today's Ukraine--Not Smart for Job Security


When it comes to being Press Secretary and leading the pro Biden spin parade
Jen Psaki’s failing spin attempts mean her credibility is in an accelerating fade
But today she made an observation on the events in Ukraine
That should be devastating to Biden’s failing reign
The last time she in the White House worked
Biden was vice president and in the Crimea Putin did not from invasion shirk
She tweeted that invasion today like a pattern looks
With Biden present for Putin to open take more of the Ukraine playbook
The dynamic duo best remembered for the Syrian “red line in the sand”
To halt the Russians were sending blankets and MRE’s for Ukraine to the Crimea invasion withstand
For once Psaki reveals and explains what happens when the U.S. is or appears weak
Thugs like Putin are emboldened to more territory or advantages seek
Ukrainians are dying by the hundreds since Biden and his team sat on their hands
During months of Russian build up in plain sight and sent not the weapons for Ukraine to withstand
Anti-aircraft missiles and Iron Domes with hundreds more drones
Kviv and Kharkiv would not be being blown to hell and the Russian convoys would be in flames sending body bags back home
Typical Biden too little too late
Brave Ukrainians now suffering from a deadly fate
© March 2, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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