Thursday, March 3, 2022

Repbublican Women Missed Chance to Highlight Biden Weakness By Not Wearing Blue and Yellow


There is a truism that a photo is worth a thousand words
And a televised video more so as the message across the nation will reverb
Biden’s early remarks were about the invasion and suffering in Ukraine
Reds sadly left a winning photo op moment go down the drain
At Trump’s last State of the Union Speech Blue women wore white
To honor the efforts of women in the decades long Suffragist fight
All lot of theater as none of the Reds were trying to women’s voting rights roll back
But Biden delivered a speech on a night where a sovereign nation was under attack
By Putin’s armed forces because he viewed this president as weak
And after annexing Crimea with no pain thought it time to the rest of the nation seek
Massing troops and tanks on the borders of Russia and Belarus
Sure sign that before the ground became mired in mud they would be let loose
The Biden response was more like a man at the switch asleep
Ignoring the steps that would pressure Putin to on his side of the border his forces keep
Talk of sanctions other than buying Russian oil that would be imposed
And assurances that American forces would be in Ukraine giving the Russians a bloody nose
Arms and munitions that would rule Ukraine’s skies and Russian tanks in their tracks halt
Finally almost on the eve of the invasion arrived too little too late to deter the assault
Red women should have aped the colors of the Ukraine flag to blue and yellow wear
Testimony that the spigot for American and NATO military aid and resolve would be wide open to halt the Russian bear
Lost chance to Biden’s failures to highlight
Ukrainian civilians dying by the hundreds in an uneven fight
© March 3, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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