Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Ending Defund the Police Is a Great Start but No Cash Bail, Low Bail, Ending Pretext Stops Bad Idea Like Failing to Prosecute as Racial Justice


Finally with his polls in the tank and violent crime putting too many in hospitals or early graves
Biden’s few remaining functioning neuron light bulbs went on to try to prevent a Red 2022 election wave
In his SOTUS he declared that it is not the time to defund the police
Not when violent crime continues for all of us especially in poorer hoods of color to increase
But while funding more police is a good start
Unchecked leftist policies danger to our safety imparts
Smash and grab in California taking items of less than $950 dollars
Only misdemeanors not prosecuted to thieves empower
Even if the crime is a felony the thug faces no bail
Back out on the street same day without fail
Even if the crime is a violent felony the bail is set far too low
Pay but 10% and out into the street the thug can go
To kill, maim and rob while awaiting a distant trial
In and out of jail in a never ending turnstile
Too many D.A.’s falsely believe in social equity and want to level the playing field
And to the siren call of racial justice the call not to prosecute too often yield
Now in LA the LAPD must on camera justify a pretext stop
Another example of from doing their jobs handcuffing the cops
Soros funded D.A.’s have their own police protection
While mere mortals fear for their lives as waiting for a 911 response is their only selection
© March 2, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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