Monday, March 28, 2022

Will Smith's Sucker Slap of Chris Rock Highlight of Academy Awards


The ratings for the Academy Awards in past years have been falling like rocks
Too long, too political, too leftist with rants to middle America mock
Critics were blasting the shows as being on life support
Questions of sponsors withdrawing in numbers to the program abort
8 categories to shorten the program were dropped
Even some of the leftist ranting seemed to have been told to stop
But complaints while Americans due to inflation were struggling to make ends meet
The goody bags for the nominees were opulent in the 6 figures treats
But the real surprise of the evening was the sucker slap
Of Will Smith on Kid Rock which caused such a flap
Rock joked in bad taste about Smith’s wife shaved bald head
Who because of alopecia most of her hair had shed
Out of his seat Smith walked up to Rock and slapped him in the face
Tried to justify his action due to love and insult of his wife but came across as a disgrace
By the time to get his best actor award he had chilled out
Profoundly apologized but troubles over the slap continue to mount
Most likely will not have to his Oscar return
But membership in the Academy may be revoked and reinstatement in have to be earned
Sad affair but Smith reacted over the top
Poster child for the surge of violence that won’t stop
© March 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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