Thursday, March 31, 2022

Over the Top Left Demands Justice Thomas Resign, Recuse or Be Impeached Over Wife's Emails on 2020 Election Fraud


Justice Thomas has been since he survived a Biden led Senate lynching attempt
A conservative thorn in the leftists side worthy of their and the MSM’s utter contempt
In a sins of the father 2.0
Because of his wife they want him to go
If he does not resign they want him to be impeached
A power of Congress that knows no bounds in its overreach
His wife Ginni, a conservative activist, was urging Meadows to use all judicial means
To overthrow Biden’s election because of voter fraud Reds thought they had seen
The left must believe that conservative women are not allowed to frame opinions and then express
Only the left can engage in political discourse and conservative women must be suppressed
Explains the double standard  for Trump Campaign Manager and Special Adviser Kellyanne Conway
While her spouse George T. Conway was an anti-Trumper who bashed him almost every day
A few saner Blue heads are calling for Justice Thomas to recuse himself on January 6 matters
Where the hyperbolic left claimed was worse that Pearl Harbor to our peaceful transfer of power batter
We know not what Clarence and Ginni talked about in the kitchen or bedroom
Or what influence if any her views expressed or not would have on him SCOTUS courtroom
She at least for now is not a party only a witness the January 6 Committee “investigating” the day wants to hear
Justice Thomas should recuse himself in any litigation involving whether or how she would appear
But resignation or impeachment demands are symptoms of insane polarized minds
Examples of how hard it is for ways to end gridlock in polarized Washington find
© 3/31/22 The Alaskanpoet

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