Saturday, March 19, 2022

Remove Putin from KGB But Killing of Civilians in Ukraine Shows You Can't Remove KGB from Putin

You can take Russia out of the Soviet Union but not the Soviets out of Russia
Any more than you could take the teachings of the German General Staff out of Prussia
Putin was an Lieutenant Colonel of the Soviet KGB
Where death, lying and deception in dealing with West was how you had be
Those of us who watched the Soviet Ambassador to the UN with the straightest of faces lie
That there were no Russian nuclear missile sites in Cuba and on Zorin’s word the world could rely
Slight problem for Zorin and the Soviets was that we had the photographic goods
Showing the missile sites with such clarity that the world his lies understood
Our Ambassador Adlai Stevenson shot Zorin’s credibility to Hell
Lesson learned that relying on the word of a Soviet was next to impossible sell
Today Putin proved the adage you can remove a man from the KGB
But the KGB traits, habits, beliefs and training remain for all easily to see
Putin at a rally lied that he sent Russian troops to prevent genocide
By the Ukrainians against Russian speakers of Ukraine’s eastern side
Pages from an earlier playbook of Hitler railing against the Czechs
Germany was needed in the Sudetenland to against German speakers hold genocide in check
Britain and France in Munich to Hitler's’ rants on the Sudetenland caved
With their border fortresses lost, the rest of the country the Czechs could not save
As Russian bombs and missiles target civilians in Ukraine and refugees fleeing are targeted to kill
The only genocide is that from Russian troops under Putin adding to the butchers’ bill
Russians cheering and waving flags need to listen more carefully to what he spouts
He is ranting that Russia needs to be purged of dissent so watch the Stalin like deaths among Russians mount
The Ukrainians have stood up to this bully and need more and more weapons from the West
To with hundreds of drones, stingers and Javelins the Russian advances arrest
Then with more weapons to counterattack and more and more Russian soldiers kill
Russians will stop listening to him and saner heads will make his chance of remaining in power nil
Better yet, the Russian military already probably nervous about his nuclear use threats
Will confront him with arrest and/or bullets to go with a resounding “Nyet”
© 3/18/22 The Alaskanpoet

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