Monday, March 28, 2022

Biden's Budget Of Smoke And Mirrors And Taxes To Kill The Golden Egg Laying Goose


Biden’s new budget results in the largest reduction of the deficit in history touts Biden
When it comes to his record with Joe grain of salt needed as the facts go into hidin’
With COVID coming under control and people going back to work
The need for more 2020 and 2021  massive stimulus payments no longer lurk
He touted again ad nauseum that no one making less than $400k
Not a penny more in federal taxes would that person have to pay
Literally true but a total economic under his administration distortion
Inflation at 7.9% the highest level in 40 years is causing major household budget contortions
Biden’s war on fossil fuels has reduced supply to raise gas prices of the charts
Almost every pound of food and goods is in a van, truck or train that must be fueled before its trip departs
The fed has been printing money almost in pedal to the metal cruise control
No wonder Americans are running aground on the inflation shoals
At a time when China is proposing massive corporate tax cuts
Biden’s plan will raise ours to 25 percent to slam the we can compete door shut
Worse anyone who has more than 100 million in net assets will have to pay a minimum of 20 %
If the billions of expected revenue from the 700 billionaires are not raked in wonder to what countries the wealthy went
A slippery slope if people are to be taxed not on income but on asset worth
The $100 million will be lowered and in entrepreneur numbers we’ll see a dearth
Kill the golden goose that makes America unique
Flush with risk takers with all on the line to job creating wealth seek
© March 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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