Sunday, March 13, 2022

MSNBC Foolishly Praises Harris For Great Job In Poland--How Blind and Deaf Can They Be

On MSNBC Errin Haines and Nola Haynes appeared to on Harris gush accolades
For performance in Poland sent there to reassure an ally while next to the Putin invasion parade
As if words could stop a tyrant in his tracks
Coupled with a “tsk tsk” to force his invasion forces to pull back
Alleged while in the Senate she made Reds and AG Barr shook
Intimated the same if into Putin’s eyes she would look
Warn him that consequences from his actions in Ukraine would result
Did she think he was like Willie Brown and could not bear you can’t sleep with me insult?
Watching her during her press conference laugh and cackle
He must have thanked his gods that his invasion would not by the U.S. be shackled
Until Biden gets more spine and installs Iron Domes in major cities
And floods the Ukraine with javelins and drones he will bomb, shell and strafe without pity
Nothing an inept and laughing out of control Harris will say
Will cause him to stop or further attacks on civilians delay
End the embarrassment and put her back on Air Force One
With a glass of wine in hand delusionary thinking what a great job she has done
At least on a plane she is out of the public eye
We are not being embarrassed to on such ineptness forced to rely
© March 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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