Sunday, March 13, 2022

President Obama Fully Vaccinated and Booster Sick with COVID-19 Karma On Opposing Therapeutics?


More evidence learned today that the COVID-19 is not effective as thought in suppressing the spread
Only more anecdotal evidence it lessens symptoms if infected instead of becoming dead
Former President Obama has tested positive and his wife has not
Mild cough and scratchy throat but no need for a hospital bed to have sought
If the vaccine does not prevent the spread what about the masks?
Except for the N-95 for which reuse is not encouraged are they up to the task?
More data needs to be released
Are even N-95s so ineffective mandates must cease?

Along with data on how effective prior immunity is to keep an infected from a hospital room
Is the weakness of Omicron the sign of a trend that the virus its fading ability to cause deadly doom?
What treatments are in the pipeline with a little more funding and testing in clinical trials
Before we have drugs to this virus to the list of common not deadly infections we can  exile?
Therapeutics in this fight have been trampled by the vaccines must be taken gods
With breakthrough infections and deaths still occurring the studies may be flawed
We all wish a speedy recovery for President Obama
And hope his infection and opposition to therapeutics is only bad karma
© March 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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