Monday, August 29, 2016

Will Election Be Rigged By Russian Hackers?

We are not a patient nation; we don’t want to save up for the purchase price of our adult toys
We want the new car, new boat, new home, leather couch now not later to enjoy
We want the meds to work immediately and often to cure our ills
If one works, better to take twice the pain killing pills
The only thing or actions that we avoid like the plague and do not want to have now
Is to save for retirement believing we can solve the nest egg needs in the future somehow
We are truly a nation obsessed in the pursuit of instant gratification
But in desire for speed of results we may have lost safety in our upcoming elections
Voting fraud in America over our history is nothing new
How with Daley’s iron grip in 1960 he handed Illinois over to the Blues
 A Daley motto of vote early and vote often even if you had died
To no surprise in the Daley wards, Nixon’s election was denied
But then fraud took a lot of effort a lot of persons casting paper ballots that were counted by hand
What was on the ballot even if the vote was cast by a person dead would stand
Now in the era of computer voting with instant counting you only need one person to an election computer hack
To alter voting with a few clicks to snatch victory from the real victor, then with more clicks, cover up your tracks
Already we have seen the DNC’s computers by the Russians breached
Two state voting computers have also been proven by the FBI to be within the hackers’ reach
Many voters thought Trump was off the wall and becoming unhinged when he claimed the only way he could lose
Would be if the election were rigged by hackers changing for whom the voters would choose
Scary thought but knowing Putin I would not bet that we will not see cyber fraud
What do we expect when we are not longer feared and respected abroad?
© August 29, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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