Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Radical Idea As Wave Of Overdoses Surge

We have a crisis in this country that shows why when it comes to borders, Trump is right
Whether you disagree or agree with him on the issue of deportation we have to close the border to win in the war against drugs fight
Mexican cartels are flooding this country with drugs that are mowing large numbers of users down
From the shadows of Yale to the skid row of Tinsel Town
To the rural communities of West Virginia devastated by the war on coal
At least a hundred a day are part of a growing toll
Our border patrols are outnumbered outgunned and told in many cases where they cannot go
An increasing tide of deadly drugs, a never ending flow
Trump’s wall is not the foolproof answer but when coupled with increased border patrol agents, drones and sensors it will be is a good start
Somehow we also need to build another wall around to movement of money that supports this deadly drug cartel mart
The technology of aerial surveillance since our failure to effectively block the movement of men and material on the Ho Chi Minh Trail
Has to have improved with drones, infrared, night vision feeds to make it easier to spot the flow and then it assail
When it comes to manpower we could put airport security up to bid
And from the airports the inept and bungling TSA rid
While we are at it, comb the IRS
For the agents following Lerner’s lead to conservative groups suppress
Send the TSA and the IRS to the border supported by Trump’s Wall
Sadly, won’t happen unless Trump wins in the fall.
If we fail and our citizens continue to overdose in the alleys, rooms and streets
And the evidence shows that when it comes to stopping the flow of illegal drugs we admit defeat
Here is a capitalist and libertarian thought that is somewhat daring and unique
We legalize the manufacture of heroin with quality the users would seek
No more overdoses because a user has no idea of the strength or what other life threatening additions will be in the fix
Price it below the cartel price on the streets and watch competitive forces against the cartels do the trick
Use some of the profits to fund services of rehab and reduce our debt
Maybe be farfetched but nothing else in the war on drugs has worked as of yet
 © August 24, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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