Saturday, August 27, 2016

State Wants To Delay Release Of HRC's Calendar Until After Election Day

The Clinton Foundation’s motives in the beginning may have been pure
To fight for clean air and clean, eradicate poverty, to find an HIV cure
But over time as Hillary became Secretary of State the separation became blurred
Now she faces the pay to play allegations that are causing such a stir
No wonder State fought tooth and nail for three years to keep her calendar from Judical Watch’s FOIA’s request
To conceal the blatant pay to play the meetings and Foundation donations would suggest
No wonder Trump and the RNC are up in arms with State’s latest efforts at slow walk delay
To not release the second half of her calendar until almost two months after Election Day
No wonder this deceptive paranoid woman had a private server set up
To conceal and hide the fact that with her pay to play scheme she was corrupt
Contribute to the Foundation instead of Hillary’s campaign chest and the payment one could deduct
With a private server any FOIA requests she could obstruct
With the lessons of the Watergate tapes still in her mind her choice was clear time to the server destruct
BleachBit used for yoga classes Huh? Really?  Though the FBI failed in their interview they are superb in being able to emails reconstruct
How the FBI could not her intent to violate the law find
Absolutely blows anyone’s mind
When the current master of lying to the public with his period has this insight
She is the most qualified to be president to some extent he is right
Hillary can lie with a straight believe face, nary a nervous twitch
After years of pay to play she and her husband have become as one percenters very, very rich
© August 27, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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