Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trump Off To Mexico To Meet With Nieto

This is a campaign that has broken all rules that used to be the norm
Just when you think that Hillary is scoring points with her ads that Trump is a loose cannon who does not conform
He suddenly is looking more presidential and a rise in polls seems to be reborn
He flies off to Mexico to meet with its president to discuss immigration reform
A private meeting with most likely no press in the room to questions ask
Trump in art of the deal form negotiating to overcome Latino rejection, a daunting task
While Hillary was raising millions from Wall Street friends and Obama as usual in time of crisis was on the links
Trump flew to Louisiana to create awareness of the flood victim’s plight and help unload food and water to drink
When it comes to transparency, Trump’s house is made of glass
While in Hillary’s house the windows are made of lead that no voter can see past
Trump leads Clinton in formal press conferences 16-0 in 2016
While Hillary in front of the press is never seen
Among registered voters the only ones who, unless the election is hacked, really count
Hillary’s unfavorabilty ratings continue to rise to 60 percent as her email credibility problems continue to mount
The email scandal is something that no matter what she says or does she cannot shake
Another drip today that 30 more emails pertaining to Benghazi were illegally not turned over to State
If Trump stays on message and on immigration makes a simple case to explain
Build a wall, end Sanctuary Cities and deport the felons, Hillary’s path to the White House will go down the drain
© August 31, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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