Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pay To Play Scandal Sounds Of Silence

The Sounds of Silence from the Blues on the pay to play scandal are quite revealing
No one, even a ally of Clinton, wants to be tagged by the guilt of association of a woman who has been caught lying and concealing
When push comes to shove a Blue candidate should have nothing to do with a perjurer and felon
And the appearance of all the favors and access she has been sellin’
Fallon lamely pulls out of the Clinton attack book page
That the AP study obtained only after a three year legal battle waged
Was flaw because it left out a thousand or more visits from foreign nations which are central to the position
If she did not meet with representatives of foreign governments how could she ever perform States mission?
Kaine who has pocketed over $100,000 in gifts and Carville tried to float this grounded unable to fly lead balloon
Call it the Lance Armstrong defense excuse by doping because his foundation’s charitable gifts; we are not buffoons
In true what the meaning of is is out of the Lewinsky scandal Clinton tried to use this defense to get Hillary off the pay to play hook
The foundation could take donations because if a supplicant did not get access he could always get the White House to give him another look
Huh? Really? Pay to play is wrong as it looks, smells like and quacks like bribery and really stinks
Finally her lead over Trump and her trustworthy percentage continue to sink
Hillary must be sweating blood and ruing the day she did not throw the server into the trash
As the recovered 15,000 emails are released watch for her campaign to crash
© August 24, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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