Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Trump's Three Front War

As the Germans learned at great cost, it is folly at its greatest height
To be engaged in World War II in a two front land fight
The Thousand Year Reich bombed day and night from a third front in the sky
Battling ground forces East and West watching daily thousands of its soldiers wounded, captured or die
One has to pity Trump and to some extent admire
Fighting a three front war as the presidency he wishes to aspire
It is to be expected that politics is a dirty game and against him Hillary and her Blues will a no quarter multiple Pinocchio battle wage
What is somewhat expected is that the media save maybe Fox attacks him on every screen, social media and every newsprint page
Advocacy journalism is the mantra of the media, it is their sacred Golden Rule
Bias to distortion to blowing out of proportion to become Hillary’s election tools
What is not to be expected is that a Fifth Column is now operating against Trump from the Reds
From the elitist advisers who fear a Trump presidency will mean their slurping at the public trough will be soon shed
To elected officials who are coming out publicly to question his fitness to be commander in chief
Reagan with his 11th Commandment must be shaking his head looking down in complete disbelief
A three front war waged against him while small donors are sending millions into his campaign coffers
Rejecting the elitist talking heads, pundits and lobbyists the mere mortals think Trump has something of value to offer
As opposed to Hillary who wants us to the record sugarcoat or ignore
Whose only idea is to spend, regulate and tax, not less but more
The worse recovery in a lifetime and an Obama clone wants four more years to this mess try to fix
Call out the psychiatrists with their anti-psychotic drugs for if we elect Hillary we must be mentally very sick
While we are at it, time to fly all flags at half staff and go into mourning for the death of a free press
Who on Book Lovers’ Day like book burners of old are in a stampede to objective reporting on Hillary and Trump suppress
© August 9, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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