Monday, August 22, 2016

15,000 More HRC Emails Recovered

The news on Hillary’s email scandal keeps getting worse and worse
No matter what she tries she cannot escape the deception and cover-up curse
Despite her best efforts to wipe her server clean
The FBI has found emails not turned over to State in the reams
15,000 emails turned over to State which must release them tout suite
How many more will join the growing list of pay to play or pay to greet?
Rudy is right the pattern of conduct at the Foundation and her as Secretary of State
Charges of bribery should soon be on her plate
Once again Obama and Lynch in a one two knock out punch
Will try to insure that any attempt to indict her will be out to lunch
But with this latest effort to conceal will unleash a tidal wave
Of indignation that will send her campaign into the grave
Maybe Obama has finally seen the writing on the wall
That his flawed and corrupt candidate will not prevail in the fall
From a fundraiser in Martha’s Vineyard he was MIA
Even passed up a celebration of Bill’s birthday
Her account at the Electorate Bank of Truth is overdrawn
Her Deception Line of Credit is maxed out, no more believable lies to be withdrawn
With desperate as she must feel the scandal and web of cover-up closing in as the integrity of the office she abused
Lies again and again that Powell advised her to a private server use
Trump must stay on message while continuing to pound the Clinton Corruption and not jump at her health condition bait
And really, really start preparing for the upcoming debates
© August 22, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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