Sunday, August 28, 2016

Rascists Anonymous? Why Not?

Despite all the progress that has in the country on race has been made
Hard to ignore that racism still exists in varying shades
We can pass more laws than angels on a pin
But in the end the appeal of racist thoughts may still win
The hearts of men too often change stubbornly resist
An insight on why racism in our society may still exist
The blatant acts of discrimination in housing, jobs and accommodations have been largely stamped out
But subtle forms of racism in the quality of inner city schools mark education as a far travelled path to jail route
Too many blacks end up in jail and racial profiling still persist
Driving while black or brown is still a crime that lingers and still exists.
We have 12 step programs for alcoholics, addicts, overeaters, gamblers and those who are obsessed with sex
Complete with a program patterned after AA and with many a pamphlet with life saving text
Pastor J. Nathan King on the issue of racism wants to a Racists Anonymous as a solution bring
An idea that has merit and involves a belief in a higher power to take on racism’s sting
Like the alcoholic who must first admit he is powerless over alcohol and that his life has become unmanageable
A racist would have to admit he is powerless over racism and that he finds his acts have become intolerable
Can’t do it alone without spiritual help and a higher power
Might well work and begin to chip away at the racism that over many still towers
This is an idea that churches should support
Time to try it as we have made little progress since the Kerner Report
Kudos to Pastor King for starting the first RA
Growing a movement to end the racism far too many unseen in their souls display
© August 28, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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