Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Balance Not In My Gettysburg College Class

At  Westminster College in 1946 Churchill warned that an Iron Curtain had begun to descend
Movement of people and ideas in Eastern Europe to be cut off from the West in a most chilling trend
Today, another “iron curtain” has descended across the college campuses across this land
The curtain of political correctness causes any opposing academic discourse to be crippled or be banned
Ironic that at Gettysburg College located where the fate of the Republic was decided
Where the rising tide of the Confederacy was halted and then leaving thousands dead and wounded subsided
Has joined the growing list of colleges seeking not to teach or inspire students to open their minds to learn
But rather with a professor like Iannello to any ideas  not in lockstep with her liberal views  spurn
Attacking Trump as unqualified, against women, Muslims, minorities, immigrants and a monger of hate
Belittling and demeaning any students with conservative or nonliberal views that if not concealed a lower grade would be their fate
Rejecting any idea of balance in her views
Ranting about the calamity if they do not vote Blue
Her Poly Sci class needs to be renamed
In terms of indoctrination it would put North Korean reeducation camps to shame
Students are not stupid and within a very short time in class will have figured out how to get a good grade
Ape and parrot her liberal and distorted bias and let one’s conservative or non liberal ideas quickly fade
This professor would be the journalistic equivalent of Baghdad Bob
Sadly to get a grade of the chance to exercise their minds in creative discussion they will be robbed
Trump may not be perfect, may have some rough edges and certainly is not politically correct
But should she be encouraging her students to a reckless, corrupt, lying, pay to play Hillary elect?  
© August 23, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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