Friday, August 5, 2016

Candidate's Spouses Off Limits?

The one thing the Trump campaign absolutely does not need is yet another distraction
Spiraling his favorable numbers into yet another contraction
Yet a new non issue threatens to his focus on winning issues derail
Aided by the mainstream media to insure that his quest for the White House will fail
Trump must be biting his tongue and like Strangelove sitting on his hands to get them from a tweet
 Baited by the media and Hillary and advised that such a response is a guaranteed path to defeat
Allegations are rising that Melania may have as a model violated her visa rules
When it comes to politics in the mud the Clintons are really at home is the cesspool
To use the phrase uttered by Hillary as she was being by the House Reds grilled
“What difference does it make if she received some prohibited bills?”
Stories are beginning to surface that she was as a model raking in the dough with seductive photos in the nude
Implications that we have to examine a candidate’s wife in this campaign are starting to intrude
News flash for the liberal media and the Clinton camp
As they continue to the attacks on Trump as unfit and not to be trusted with nukes turn up the amp
Melania is not on the ballot and her activities as a model with a visa should not be the voters’ concern.
Concern over Bill may be a different matter as Hillary is going to make him the job czar with all sorts of stimulus money to burn
This campaign on both sides has had way too much hateful rhetoric that has to subside
Unifies no one and adds to this nation’s growing divide.
© August 5, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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