Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Tale Of Two Grieving Mothers Smith And Kahn And Media Bias

A Tale of Two Grieving Mothers
Pat Smith lost her son at Benghazi trying to save fellow Americans under attack
An Ambassador left twisting in the wind with a State Department no longer protecting his back
A well planned out attack complete with mortars to lob incoming shells
To quickly turn the consulate into a deadly flaming smoky hell
A grieving and sobbing mother waiting for his casket at Dover to arrive
To be consoled by Hillary with the explanation of the video which was to save Obama contrived
Had it been a terror attack so well planned Obama’s reelection would have suffered a fatal blow
No wonder Susan Rice was peddling the lie on all the TV Sunday shows
The truth told to her would not have brought her son back
But it provides a glimpse into Hillary’s character and by lying shows the amount of integrity she lacks
Fast forward to the RNC where Pat Smith had a speaking roll and her anger was still very ripe
Charging that Hillary had murdered her son and should be wearing stripes
Was the mainstream media response one of empathy for a mother who still grieved?
A life cut short by failings of a State Department and then a cover up so skillfully weaved?
No absolutely not Pat Smith’s speech was by the main stream media largely ignored and she was viciously attacked
Proving once again the lap dogs for Hillary like Matthews and the main stream media will do anything to protect Hillary’s back
Fast forward to the DNC where a grieving Mr. and Mrs. Khan appeared
To honor their fallen son Captain Khan while holding back the tears
The podium quickly turned into an attack by Mr Khan on Trump
For his positions on a temporary ban on Muslims from areas of jihad while on the campaign stump
They became the new media darlings and became the guests on TV in great demand
Trump was not helped that his urges to always counterpunch back against Kahn and his wife he could not withstand
Mrs. Khan remained silent during her husband’s speech with a copy of a pocket Constitution in his hand to wave
Not because she had nothing to say but she still has not recovered from her son’s, while in uniform, too early trip to his grave.
So the quarter GNP report that proves Obama’s economic record has completely failed
Got buried and replaced by attacks on Trump over the Khans on the campaign trail
I know not who is advising Trump or even if he listens to a single word of their advice
But the counter punching that may have been an asset in the primary is turning into a mortal vice.
On a final note that Trump’s act seems not to be together the old adage that campaigners kissing babies like to be seen
After tolerating a howling baby he had the mother remove herself and child from a Trump rally scene.  
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