Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Russia Massing Tanks On Ukraine Border?

While Obama is playing golf on Martha’s Vineyard and trying to straighten his drive
Troubling signs in Crimea as Russia may be massing troops and tanks on the border
Ominous signs that Putin’s dream of a resurrected Soviet Union is very much alive
False claims of incursions by Ukraine into Crimea to justify a move to restore order
While the world is fixated with the Rio Olympic Games
And the U.S. in the midst of its election mudslinging and smears
Putin may decide the U.S. is powerless to act during a campaign
No better time than now to send in the tanks and men laden with combat gear
He pulled it off in the Crimea and caught Susan Rice literally with her pants down
A few meager sanctions is all that we and our NATO allies could muster
Putin had no respect for Obama and views him as a feckless clown
Food aid and medicine but little in the way of arms only a lot of hand waving and fluster
Blaming the other side for border incursions is a classic typical way to justify an attack to one’s homeland defend
Europe already weakened by the ISIS threat and the Baltic States on Putin’s most wanted list
Sadly no one in Obamaland knows that unless forcefully blocked Putin’s aggression will not come to an end
For the Bear is like the mouse or the moose and once he starts nibbling more of the cookie or muffin he cannot resist
It might not be a bad idea for Obama to cut his vacation short
Collect his B team of amateurs and head to the Situation Room
So he is not on the course when we start receiving the shooting reports
A sign to Putin that finally he is serious as a real chance of an invasion looms.
 Just another sign the world under his watch is in an increasing mess
China and Russia doing joint live fire exercises on the ocean blue
Plans to bring 500,000 Syrian refugees here causing great distress
While our debt to almost 20 trillion under Obama grew.
© August 10, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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