Thursday, August 11, 2016

Cross of Gold Deja Vu

Where is a William Jennings Bryan when his oratorical skills are in great demand
Another cross of gold like speech against the crucifixion by job killing regulations spreading across the land
Over 80,000 pages in the C.F.R. to harass, hinder, obstruct, and destroy our daily and business lives
Little wonder that businesses are struggling and find it increasingly hard to survive
Lobbyists and lawyers multiply faster than bacteria in a petri dish somewhat warm
Millions of hours spent in compliance and billions of dollars to the bottom line harm
The Blues in the Senate to regulatory grief inflicted completely ignore
Without 60 votes the REINS Act passed by the House will never be voted on the Senate floor
Trump wisely proposes for new regulations an absolute interim freeze
While Hillary wants more and  tougher regs to increase the strength of the job killing breeze
Two visions of America one in which unelected bureaucrats keep our growth rate at way below two percent
The other where bureaucrats are stripped of their pens and on a path to real growth and prosperity we will be sent
Trump’s ad writers hopefully are preparing real examples of companies that have failed
Not because of management or competition but by regulations that fatally assailed
Americans need more than statistics on cost and number of C.F.R. pages

Also need the names and faces of the victims to vote against more of the same as a sign of rage.    
© August 10, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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