Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Finally Hillary Bleeds Lead

In our obsession with instant gratification it is hard to accept that Rome was not built in a day
It is also hard to accept that despite her dishonesty and deception Hillary continues to display
That in many swing states she still over Trump leads
As the mainstream media seems not to on her dishonesty heed
But with the AP report that strongly suggests
A pay to play by putting $156 million  in the Clinton Foundation’s donations’ chests
While earlier the FBI almost 15,000 deleted emails was able to snag
Looks like Hillary and her team were not experts with their electronic obstruction rag
With headlines appealing to poet’s ears it is beginning to look like a Bleed Lead
A Pickett’s Charge finally losing momentum and losing speed
Her dishonesty and deception making dislike of her to grow not recede
The lies and deception seeds sprouting through her support cracks like concrete pierced by weeds
As the new work related emails are being revealed here is a safe bet
Her statements under oath to Congress about her emails are statements she will regret
Finally, Trump is not shooting himself again and again in the feet
Staying on message, appearing presidential, airing ads, full speed ahead to snatch victory from jaws of defeat
While Obama was playing golf and Hillary was in Martha’s Vineyard raising cash in mansions posh
Trump was in Louisiana with cash and food helping devastated lands covered by flood waters awash
One can only hope Trump stays on message on the economy and his skills in job creation
While rebuilding the military and keeping this a safe and secure nation
Using his skills as the art of the deal master deal
To bring back the twenty-nine percent of the Reds to continue to move past her
© August 24, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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