Friday, August 12, 2016

Obamacare Premiums Thru The Roof

When it comes to naming bills Obama takes the cake
Talk about a deceptive naming mistake
The legislation was misnamed The Affordable Care Act
From its true meaning the name is a complete distortion of the facts
Americans in November hopefully before the elections are going to get hit with major premium increase shocks
Obama’s minions must be scrambling and scurrying to somehow the premium increases to block
As the state exchanges fold and the insurance companies from this fiasco bolt
Voters may shed their support of the Obama clone like a crab its shell molts
Looks like a Proposition 13 déjà vu as property taxes were going through the roof
While Brown and his taxing minions remained uncaring, unconcerned and aloof
Notices of the increased taxes went out before the election that prompted to the polls a voter stampede
Landslide rejections by home owners a classic example of what happens when the voters are deceived and politicians their wishes do not heed
Even if Hillary wins so his legacy can be preserved Obamacare will implode
In the Middle East his Iran deal will see mushrooms explode
The national debt will expand at a rate that will bring this nation to its knees
Radical Islam unchecked running wild on an increasing killing spree
A military gutted and policies of his clone 2 percent growth to cheer
For my children and their children this poet has a growing fear
8 years of kicking the can down the fiscal and security road
4 more years of business crushed under an increasing tax and regulation burdensome load
No care, not affordable without the deception of Gruber and Obama never could have been sol
On this and the rest of his “legacy” the voters have been thoroughly rolled
© August 12, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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