Sunday, August 21, 2016

Demise Of Journalism As We Know It?

A tale of two opposing journalistic views
One slanted to the Head Red the other to the Head Blue
The NY Post bemoans the death of journalism as it once was known
USA Today bemoans the seeds of suppression of disagreeing views being sown
Ever since the Sullivan case for public figures removed the threat of libel and slander
Objective reporting in the mainstreams is not about news but rather the advocacy of views to pander
Epitaphs like moron, unfit, lacking temperament to be commander in chief are at Trump hurled
While with each passing moment we become more aware of the dangers in this world
Do we continue to go down the Obama path of a weak recovery that will continue to exist?
Devoid of strategy to name and then radical Islam with a winning strategy resist
Or will we go down the path of creating jobs and forming a secure border
While we in the inner cities improve education and restore some sense of law and order?
Where negotiations result in more favorable trade deals
And not a green light for more jobs to foreign nations steal?
Trump is making a pivot to the personal attacks drop
Save the allegations of Hillary’s pay to play shakedowns she could not stop
With that divot one would hope that he thickens quickly his skin
Recognizes the media will gang up on him and do everything possible to insure he cannot win
If the master of the art of the deal accepts the fact that these leftists are mere Baghdad Bobs only much worse
He will ignore them and start jabbing each waking moment at Hillary’s failures and avoid being limited to the counter punching curse
© August 21, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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