Sunday, August 21, 2016

Dog Dies Saving Baby Girl

A true hero is one who can overcome his or her fears
Not to flee when deadly danger suddenly appears
To fight the survival urge when  someone else needs help to from the danger survive
To know and stay when one knows he or she may not also get out alive
Parents act without hesitation to their children try to protect
Soldiers in combat at great risk will sacrifice themselves to mortal injuries deflect
Firefighters and a group so often by the BLM demonized and maligned
The brave officers who are known as civilization’s Thin Blue Lines
Put their lives at risk every day as part of the job’s routine
Never will know when this stop will be the one the reaper intervenes
Humans we now find do not have the monopoly to sacrifice their lives to others protect
A man’s best friend also for a family member the sacrificial path may elect
A house in Baltimore burst into flames with an 8 month old baby girl inside
With a mother frantically clawing on the door outside
Polo a six year old dog could have left the girl’s bedroom
To escape the fire’s oncoming certain doom
Instead this dog with his body protected her from the heat and flames
Until the firefighters could the fire finally tame
Polo could not be revived, the little girl could and is in serious condition
If there is a dog heaven, Polo should be a welcome and deserved addition
Friends and probably strangers maybe motivated by the loss of a hero dog
Have already raised over 25 grand for her care on a go fund me blog
© August 21, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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