Monday, August 22, 2016

148 Phone Calls Between Mills And Clinton Foundation C00

It is almost like a “Whose on first?” Abbot and Costello routine
But without the humor only the corruption revealed now in reams
State is taking the Clintonesque position that while Hillary was barred from Foundation contacts
That prohibition did not apply to State Department employees’ acts
Reminds one of Bill’s tortuous answers that it depends on what “is” “is” in answering under oath
Knowing full well in the Lewinsky matter to tell the truth until caught he was most loath
In a contest to see who could lie the best this sexual predator would pass the test
While Hillary is so disliked that just looking at her face and listening to her voice, another lie would suggest
148 phone calls between Clinton’s top aide Cheryl Mills and the Foundation’s COO in two years
After the pay to pay emails more likely than not calls about favors to big donors to steer
Reality for the Clintons is 95 percent history and perception
When it comes to the Clintons reality becomes a pattern of deception
Crippling emails and phone logs but unfortunately for the voters still lacking a Watergate like Deep Throat
Still the campaign is leaking, rats should soon start leaving and even the Times and MSNBC cannot save this sinking campaign boat
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