Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Rent Hillary's Office Chair For $156 Million In Donations

Any person who believes that the 85 persons giving $156 million to the Clinton Foundation did so from the goodness of their hearts
Is a person who from the laws of common sense and good judgment has seen fit to depart
85 persons out of the 154 persons who had meetings with Hillary while she was Secretary of State
Beyond a reasonable doubt they would have known that for the access they would have to put cash on the Foundation’s donation plate
No donation then no meeting, go to the back of the line is the only conclusion that one can reasonably draw
Even though the money did not personally benefit the Clintons, the conclusion should be the practice violated the law
 Since it takes two to do the pay to play tango we probably will never find a Deep Throat to admit
That the givers knew in no uncertain terms the donation was ticket to a have an office chair in which to sit
This sordid mess merely highlights why our government is going down the wrong path
Our elected and appointed officials too often view their office as a means to practice their graft
Bill has indicated if Hillary is elected he will resign from the board and the Foundation will no longer take contributions from foreign governments or foreign nationals
Already rabid supporters of the Clintons like James Carville are clamoring that to shut the Foundation down today would be irrational
Putting forth the Lance Armstrong like argument that its good works excuse the appearance corruption and its continued existence justifies
Closing down the Foundation would set back climate change efforts, increase poverty and cause people to die
If not closed, the next 77 days will be like a Black Friday pay to play sale continuously for each and every day
Donors who will have business with the government or need favors will be pounding on the doors to for future access pay
Despite Hillary’s attempt to on Kimmel's show laugh this latest scandal off with jokes
 It will not work this time as millions believe to be able to have the government work for them you shouldn’t have to get soaked
Trump is right that if you want to dig out the pay to play corruption down to its very roots
Only a special prosecutor will do, to investigate and if necessary indict and prosecute
© August 23, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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