Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Obama Insults Our Intelligence Again On Ransom Deal.

When it comes to optics with Iran, we are not enjoying a pretty sight
From our sailors on their knees with hands over their heads having given up without a fight
To the unmarked plane carrying 400 million in foreign currency on a Geneva tarmac
Waiting before flying to Tehran until we received our “hostages” back
A payment that was a ransom, a fact that only a delusional person would deny
Obama and his State Department with straight faces once again to the American people have lied
Intoning so solemnly that we it comes to hostages a ransom America would never pay
Yet again another dismal example of how far from our principles and strength we have strayed
When even the DOJ, that great biased protector of Obama’s and his legacy backs
Wanted to hold up the payment until time had passed and the hostages were back
How far we have come from the time that in our early fledging years
That with but a meager navy we stood up to a former ally without fear
 From with France in the XYZ Affair we held firm: “Millions for defense and for tribute not one cent”
To paying a ransom to Iran to restore their coffers for terrorism, money already spent
Robert Harper must be rolling in his 191 year old  grave with unchecked disgust
$400  million ransom payment to a state sponsor of terror that no idiot would ever trust
Mark this poet’s words the ransoming of Americans abroad will be brisk
Obama’s thoughtless ransom actions will put many an American at ransom risk
© August 17, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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