Thursday, August 4, 2016

Ransom Money to Iran? Quack Quack!

Lest we forget the last time the Iranians in violation of international law held American hostages in Tehran
For hundreds of days a feckless weak president was a virtual prisoner surrounded by the
White House lawn
A presidency best known for malaise and burnt planes and helicopters in the desert sands
An act of war against us which President Carter would not make a stand
Reagan was cut from a different clothe with a far different image to the world display
The essence of the gunfighter from the American West with a Colt Peacemaker ready to put into play
The mullahs and ayatollahs rightfully feared that unlike Carter Reagan was a man not to be pushed around
A commander in chief ready to turn Iran into a radioactive, devastated smoking ground
Perception like possession is often 90 percent of reality and the fanatics in Iran blinked
Just hours after Reagan was sworn in, the ayatollah realized that the idea of retaining our hostages was an idea they had to rethink
All were released without a penny of tribute or ransom paid
Today under another feckless, weak, unfeared  president in a similar charade
Obama and his minions are scrambling to avoid the duck label and convey
The myth of $400 million in cash impossible to trace was not a ransom though the release of 4 hostages occurred the same day
When it comes to Iran or with the American public trying to be straight Obama’s trust account is totally overdrawn
Iran’s fear of or respect for him and this nation totally gone
$400 million in ransom money to fuel Iran’s funding of state sponsored terror
A new price tag on Americans abroad to be taken hostage in the future will show this ransom was a great error
Trump may have his warts and his counter punching moments too frequently ill advised
But hard to conceive of his contributing like Obama to our standing in the world demise
        © August 4, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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