Wednesday, August 3, 2016

PC Iron Curtain Descends On University Of Houston

As humans we are becoming like the pelican eggs mentioned in Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring
Shells so fragile that even the most innocuous statement is magnified into a fatal racial sting
A student body vice president incensed that five Dallas cops were killed protecting a BLM parade
By a fanatic with a sniper rifle who at the police and citizens many lethal rounds sprayed.
Posted on her Facebook account against Black Lives Matter a stinging rebuke
All Lives Matter which prompted a predictable PC response from black student groups that makes one want to puke
“#ForgetBlackLivesMatter, more like AllLivesMatter”
A firestorm of criticism on her 1st Amendment rights black student groups wanted to batter
Last time I looked the word “all” includes white, brown, yellow, red and black
No one regardless of the color of skin, nature of creed or color of uniform deserves to be attacked
The dogs of PC police at the University of Houston were let loose with revenge fangs in snarling mode
Calling for the university to  her 1st Amendment rights to express an opinion to erode
Like so many feckless presidents Shane Smith quickly to the thin skinned demands caved
Another spade of earth removed to dig a 1st Amendment grave
Kicked out of office for 50 days  and required to go to each month three cultural events
Mandatory diversity training so her mind and thoughts to the PC standard bent
A Facebook post on what she has learned from her errors
A public presentation of bowing and scraping apologies to the PC reign of academic terror
This woman should tell Smith and the black student groups to thicken their skin and go pound sand
We have to put an end to the PC Iron Curtain descending on the universities throughout this land
Shane Smith for his assault on the 1st Amendment rights of students is the one who needs training in what universities are supposed to be
A chance to inquire, to learn, to discuss and above all for discourse on different points of view to be encouraged and run free.
© August 3, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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