Monday, August 8, 2016

Trump's Economic Speech Shows He Is Of The Future Hillary Of The Past

Finally came out not counterpunching but on focus, on script without the crooked Hillary quips
Pointing out in detail the disasters of the last seven and a half years of Obama’s economic trip
Measure after measure we are and have been in an anemic recovery that all should view with disdain
Anyone who would want four more years of the same is one missing a large part of one’s brain
Hillary is the candidate of the past, the candidate of the empty promise, the candidate Wall Street has bought
Actions or lack thereof speak louder than empty promises and her rhetoric is empty rot
Lowering taxes, eliminating the death tax, bringing profits back, eliminating the carried interest loophole
To do what is best for America not the globe will be his priority goal
Unleash the nation’s energy, end the war on fossil fuels
A freeze and reduction in job killing regulations and tax credits for daycare and preschools
Well delivered and during the disruptions and removals Trump kept his cool
One can only pray that going forward today was not the exception but the ironclad rule
Just like our tax code and Obama regulations are the anchors that continue to hold our economy back
Hillary’s record and linkage to Obama, Warren and Sanders the means to any movement by her to the middle she will lack
She is the candidate of a failed and dishonest past whose only idea is to spend not less but more
To tax not less but more while all the time distorting what is the real dismal economic score
If Trump like today stays on messages and refrains from the reflex diverse personal attack tweets
He will win but if he does not he will go down to a near landslide defeat!
© August 8, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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