Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Advice to Trump on How to Win

Advice to Trump on How to Win
Here is a news flash for Donald Trump
As he tries to gain momentum and pivot on the campaign stump
A campaign for presidency is not a boxing match
Your counter punching reflex will from you victory snatch
Time to shut down your tweets
The instant 140 bit bullets will insure your defeat
It is not about you it has to be about what concerns the voters most
Jobs, security, immigration and terror if you can’t focus in the fall you will be toast
And like a huge ship in the ocean that goes down
All the Reds running down ballot will be sucked under to politically drown
We all know that as we age our skin grows thin
But politically you have to thicken yours or you will not win
Stay on message and ignore the insults and or personal slights
If you cannot you will be bedding down as a loser very early on election night
It is so frustrating to listen to you advice from supporters ignore
Start listening or face to you a locked White House door
As to slights about which the voters could care less
Ignore and thereby give less ammo to a very biased against you press
Leaders are those who support the lower ranking members of their team
Refusing to endorse or campaign for McCain and Ryan makes you look petty, spoiled and mean
True masters of the art of the deal are those who have the ability to apologize when they are wrong and look to make it right
“I am sorry” for you like “radical Islam” for Obama are phrases the have completely faded away from sight
One last suggestion on the issue of temperament and nukes you better be ready
Hillary will do the anti-Goldwater ad sequel of the little girl to reinforce the idea that you’re a loose cannon far from steady
Stay on message, stay on focus, and stay on point in the remaining time left in this campaign
With her record of dishonesty and lack of accomplishments you should be washing this poet’s law school classmate down the drain.
© August 3, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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