Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trump Calls For Violence What A Crock

Hillary’s problems with the voters are pretty simple
About as likeable as root canal, an ingrown nail or infected pimple
About as trustworthy as a con man promising a guaranteed 100 percent Ponzi return
Scandal after scandal obscured by deception after deception when will we ever learn?  
Her record at Secretary of State was a complete disaster
Save in one area where the art of quid pro quo she had completely mastered
If anyone believes that Bill’s speaking fees in the millions per year were due to the quality of his words
Or that nations and corporations out of the goodness of their otherwise blackhearts had a moral awakening so millions in donations they conferred
That person is sorely in a need of a massive reality check
Starting with the reporters who have discarded all objectivity and want to Hillary elect
Hillary has a known Taliban supporter in prime rally seats
The father of the Orlando mass killer who on his radio show urges American defeat
Hillary merely states the campaign had no idea of who he was or even if he was there
Then it’s time to move on, old news, focus on imagined calls for violence by Trump as her economic cupboard is bare
Trump makes a comment that can only be interpreted that gun owners and NRA members need to organize and vote
Or Hillary and her judges appointed by her if elected will do everything to in essence the 2nd Amendment curtail or revoke
Question after question by the media on why he was urging supporters to on Hillary commit violent acts
An inference that is not remotely connected with any of the facts
But an opportunity for Hillary to once again with her media allies from her record and failings distract
Seven and one half years of an economy that any chance of real growth completely lacks
The media is so supportive of Hillary that, save for Fox, its lack of objectivity it no longer denies
Worse, the media’s perceived needs to have Hillary elected its lack of objectivity it clearly justifies
The media alas no longer reports the news rather it withholds adverse events or primarily slants
And for Hillary has become a promoter, ally and  a trusted and willing confidant
© August 10, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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