Sunday, August 7, 2016

Short Circuit Means Truth Gets Really Short Shrift

Short circuit is the new euphemism in the Hillary deception campaign
As the scandal over her private emails dogs her desired coronation reign
Mere mortals when the facts of lying are caught on tape
Admit it and offer an explanation lame or otherwise as a way to the condemnation escape
Others who like Hillary in their short circuited mind believe they are above the law
Instead move to attack and focus attention on their opponent’s fatal flaws
While Clinton continues without shame or remorse to lie with a straight face
She demonizes Trump as unfit to be president who  with the nuclear codes is a threat to the human race
She is so lucky that the head of the FBI
Will not appear on the talk shows to reveal once again the nature of her lies
To some extent she is right if being president means you have to lie equal to the Obama standard, he is not up to par
It takes the pathological skill of a Clinton to time and time again hurdle over that bar
Finally, Trump may have left the counter punching distraction blaming game
And on this deceptive short circuited liar’s failures his concentration train
Focus on the creation of jobs and security and the pathetic record of the Obama years
The lack of success against radical Islam and the 500,000 Syrian refugees both Red and Blue voters should fear
Not one third term but two, one of Obama and the other of Bill
Any chance of security and economic recovery such a mistake will surely kill.
© August 7, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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