Monday, August 1, 2016

Mother Smith and Mother Khan--Another Trump Faux Pas

Hillary has elevated the art of deception far more far more refined than Trump’s art of the deal
Listening to her interview with Chris Wallace was almost surreal
Comey was very clear that her emails contained material that was classified
A fact to this day she consistently without reservation denies
In a very deceptive way to the American she has perpetrated a typical Clinton fraud
Which is why so many Americans believe her character and the FBI’s conclusions were flawed
A document is marked (C) for “Confidential”  (S) for “Secret” and (TS) for Top Secret which Clinton clear must have known from the day she opened her office door
No wonder the Washington Post Fact Checker gave here interview performance its highest deception ranking 4 Pinocchio’s for the truth she continues to ignore
She indicated that concerns by us mere mortals are fair
But when it comes to blame by her on her that cupboard is bare
Pat Smith alleged at the RNC Hillary claimed to her face that her son because of the video her son died
For all to hear in an emotional emotional accusation that Hillary had lied
Talk about the Susan Rice it’s a video chain
Before Wallace in a soft, empathetic voice on Pat Smith’s grief she empathized
Did not in any way this suffering mother demonize
That but for Trump’s attack on the Khans would Hillary to deception be linked on the campaign
Another great to focus on her failures that caused the death of four
Focus on the demeaning of a mother and father so Hillary’s failure to ignore
This poet although getting harder every day supports Trump but he needs to  knock off the tweets
Personal attacks on parents of dead military sons will send you into flaming defeat.
Time to realize you are in a general campaign where voters want not red meat
But real ideas on how to bring this economy back to the job growth we must greet!
        © August 1, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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