Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trump Scores Big With Joint Press Conference In Mexico

At the beginning of the day, the score was 16-zip
Now it’s 17-0 as Trump has a joint press conference in Mexico seen as presidential not shooting from the hip
While Hillary continues to from press conferences hide
No wonder her support is like the ebbing tide
In Ohio before the American Legion to give a major foreign policy speech
To brand Trump as a loose cannon for once in a calm tone instead of her annoying screech
Promising she would never attack a family with a Gold Star
Yet lying with it’s a video to the families who lost their sons at Benghazi and the truth of a terror attack debar
If you listened carefully to her word carefully Obama’s record and her record she seemed to condemn
America must lead even though military action should be a last resort which is Obama’s failure and where the chaos of radical Islam stems
We have not be led under Obama from the front or behind or on the side and her attempt to do so in Libya has been an unmitigated disaster
This is a tired, deceptive woman with judgment on our security and pay to play warranting her to be put to pasture
We found today in another email scandal news clip
She was sending classified material for two months after leaving—no wonder her support slips
Another news clip upon 30 more mails on Benghazi that she tried to conceal
State order to release them trying to protect their jobs by dragging their heals
Nationally she now is in a statistical dead heat as to unlike ability and votes
Thank God her once vaunted coronation seems more and more remote
With each day another email scandal drip
Her chance of winning further slips
© August 31,2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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