Friday, July 18, 2014

Where Is The CinC? Off Shaking The Money Raising Tree

Our President is daily seeing more condemnation and a lot less praise
No matter the crisis facing this nation, he is off to fund raise
Playing pool and guzzling in Colorado some micro brewed beer
With the border in chaos so close and so near
A trip to the border to this crisis assess
Not a chance when there is fundraiser to put more money in the DNC chest
His title in the Constitution is Commander in Chief
Needed more so than ever in times of disaster and national grief
A role as Fundraiser in Chief falls so far short it merits only scorn
An absence of leadership we Americans must mourn
In an act of terror beyond all civilized norms deserving a place in Hades
Russian separatists with Putin’s most likely assistance and aid
Blow a Malaysia jumbo liner of dreams
Out of the sky, 298 falling surrounded only by their screams
Our FinC’s response is to interrupt for 38 seconds an infrastructure speech
Then off to the Big Apple for wealthy donors’ wallets to reach
In the military, terms like AWOL or MIA for the President come to mind
Or maybe desertion. How can this President be so blind?
Putin and his thugs’ barbarity have been exposed
Where is our CinC? Acting as our FinC, in a fundraising photo op posed
Holder was not anywhere near on point, completely off mark and off the track
When he called it racist to criticize the President because he is half black
Ignores the reality of competence but makes for a nice sound bite
Ignores his only mentoring from mother and grandmother, both of whom were white
If only like a bait and switch mail order customer we could return the damaged goods to sender
As our FinC in time of yet another crisis heads off to another fundraising bender.
© July 18, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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