Thursday, July 10, 2014

Catch And Release Trout Not Illegal Aliens

When for future generations the joys of sport fishing you wish to preserve
And fish populations you wish to enhance and conserve
A good angler will after a quick photo to prove his catch
And the condemnation of greens not to fetch
Will catch and release and allow the trout to swim away
Granting to another angler his fishing skills to display
Sound strategy involving fish but not for an immigration policy to adhere
Catch and release means the illegals before their hearings disappear
While the President avoids the border like the plague
His Director of Homeland Security to Congress on deportation too vague
We have lost control over our border and put these children in transit at great risk
Lining the pockets of the coyotes whose business is now very brisk
If we have to change the law to treat non border and border aliens the same
Let’s do it now without haste so this increasing flow we can tame
Start putting National Guard on the border to make it a border in other than name
The idea of giving aid to Mexico doing nothing to stem the flow is only lame
But sadly once again our President is getting ready to point at the Reds the finger of blame
For him maybe just another politics as usual game
Might be harder than normal as he is losing his media acclaim.
The idea of comprehensive immigration reform is an absolute joke
As long as the border is not secure and our ability to deport is broke
© July 10, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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