Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Obama Dialing For Dollars While Border Crisis Continues

When it comes to fund raising for the DNC our President pulls out all stops
Nothing is more important than bringing in dollars over the top
While we have a crisis on our border beyond compare
Our CinC clearly does not seem in any way to care
This is or should be a Katrina moment for our President who once again is MIA
Why in heaven’s name from the border does he want to stay away?
At least shamed by his own party with Rick Perry he will meet
Another mere photo op of a failed legacy going down to defeat?
Where is the leadership? Where is the concern? Where is the effort to stem this tide?
Lost in the vapor trails as he heads in Air Force One for another fund raising ride
If the law prevents our ability to immediately deport
Change it as there may be even under Reid bipartisan support
A simple suggestion to this man who places politics as his holy grail
Skip the fundraisers and head to Central America without fail
Allocate the wanted billions not to diapers, shelters and food for the illegals now here in the U.S.
But to economic aid in Central America to end this economic distress
If you cannot bring up the subject of a Marine in a Mexican jail
At least some help to Mexico to stop these children from their dangerous trail
Sadly, I fear we have not a chance in hell of getting this President to act
God help us if we don’t dump the Senate Blues and try to put us back on the right track
© July 9, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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