Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Newport Beach Lifeguard Drowns Trying To Save Swimmer On The 4th Of July Weekend

We all know that heroes fill the first responders’ ranks
The police and firemen who serve and to whom we owe our thanks
Our armed forces are heroes to their core
Protecting us from the evil forces wanting to the country floor
On the weekend of our independence from the English crown
A new hero a life guard trying to save a swimmer and then drowned
Newport Beach lifeguards are like the Seal Teams but who patrol the ocean beach
To protect the swimmers from the riptides and currents deadly reach
Faster than a torpedo, stronger than an ox, almost equipped with gills
Such a shock that in the case of Ben Carlson a 12 foot wave could kill
We will never know what before he dived in to save what was going through his mind
Only it takes a hero to dive into danger and leave safety on deck behind
The highest accolade for any human is reserved for those who another life tries to save
Even when in this sad case for Ben Carlson it meant a far too early trip to his grave
So the next time you visit Newport Beach and see a lifeguard on his perch
Eyes on the ocean always on an alert danger search
Give thanks to those who serve and with their own lives will try to protect
Swimmers whose lives the ocean waves and currents will not respect
© July 8, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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