Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Circuit Court Guts Federal Subsidies For ACA--Pelosi Should Have Read The Bill haGedepCourt

Well I guess Pelosi should have read the language in the ACA which is very plain
Only one who could not understand would be mentally missing a good part of their brain
Clear as clear could be
If you are to get a subsidy
You have to go to get your Obamacare through a state run exchange
Yet most of the states that idea is totally estranged
An IRS which holds itself when dealing with us as above the law
And on its own the issue of subsidies totally redraws
Clear language in the ACA, no if ands or buts
Today subsidy funding for the ACA an appellate court guts
It is so prophetic that the feds even at the drafting stage
Are inept when it comes to words placed on a statute page
Whether by design or a total fluke we may never know
Just another example of Obama failures that continue to grow
The ACA was a bad idea , forced upon us by Pelosi and Reid
Retribution this fall as Blue seats in the Senate hopefully bleed.
Never again should our elected officials follow Pelosi’s idiotic remark
The light of knowing what a bill means is so much better than groping in the dark
© July 22, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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