Friday, July 11, 2014

IRS Scandal Will Not Go Away It's Off To The Judges To Under Oath Swear

The poster child of the smidgeon of corruption reeks of guilt
Trying to cover her email tracks with electronic silt
“Be careful what you say”-- Lerner was already in cover your tracks mode
Learning quickly how to sensitive directives shed and unload
She had plenty of time to learn how this transparent administration goes opaque and obstructs
Even if it meant evidence demanded or to be demanded to quickly destruct
She is the face of corruption of the IRS
Which Holder continues to refuse to address
Will he investigate in any meaningful way Lois Lerner?
Not a chance; he will move any investigation to the very back burner
The IRS is truly the agency all of us fear
Especially when to the rule of law it will not adhere
Lerner is a felon and even with a Holder picked special prosecutor will not face trial 
Her targeting of the right is more than just vile
There must be still men and women of conscience in the IRS
Who are outraged over the attempt of discourse to suppress
More than ever we need a new Deep Throat to reveal
The acts of Lerner and the cloak of deception to unpeel
It is bad enough that IRS is incompetent to the tune of 100 billion bucks
But to silence the right is a course of conduct we must immediately shuck.
But the wheels of justice outside of Holder’s fief
Are moving slowly but moving and will cause this administration a world of grief
Federal judges are appointed for life and have zero patience with obstruction
And they have even less patience when there is a hint of evidence tampering or destruction
Obama taunts the Reds to sue him so Boehner might his course reverse
Lay upon Holder and Bosserman for their failure to perform on the IRS the impeachment curse
Let Obama and the Blues defend the IRS
The agency that all of us totally detest
© July 11, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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