Thursday, July 17, 2014

Gaza In Flames Malaysia Jet Shot Down Over Ukraine--Not A Day Of Tranquility

The tranquility that Ernest was so quick to tout was today in full retreat
The IDF after a 5 hour cease fire was moving into Gaza to Hamas finally defeat
After two thousand plus rockets and its first dead
The IDF by land, sea and air was using brute force instead
In the skies over Ukraine the unthinkable occurred to a Malaysian Air jumbo jet
Blasted out of the sky by pro Russian thugs with little regret
One moment you are in a Triple 7 to Kuala Lumpur with vacation or business plans
The next moment you are blown apart heading back down to land
One cannot begin the imagine the terror and fear
An explosion then in many parts falling down and still alive seeing the earth begin to appear
Three planes in the past have been shot down by missile or fighter attack
An Iranian jet by a U.S. missile cruiser thinking it was a fighter on a missile launching track
A Korean jumbo jet which over the Soviet Union had strayed
Shot down out of the sky to the civilized world’s dismay
Finally a Libyan 727 off course over the Sinai
Shot down by the IDF as all but 5 aboard died
Tragic as you cannot have commerce if passenger jets are placed in the missile cross hairs
That’s not a risk the traveling public should ever have to share
Today this tranquility mantra is exploding in our face
As the body count expands in a sad day for the human race
© July 17, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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