Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The World In Flames Obama Grabs His Fiddle And Heads For Three Days Of Fundraisingre Another

In the new economy more and more of us mere mortals work at home
Telecommute is the way to be more productive, to reduce dead time to the bone
Works in the private sector where profits are the goal and tasks easy to define
There is not a whole world outside the home office that one needs to keep in line
But on the national scene in time of crisis when a leader should be at the helm
While waves of chaos seek to flounder our ship of state and its course over whelm
Why is our CinC once again doing what appears to be the only thing he can do best
Fleeing his office and to the West Coast on Air Force One to fundraise even more not less?
Three days away to raise money for the DNC
While this “tranquil” world is in flames as plain as plain can be
The lame excuse from the White House is that on Air Force One he is in total connect
By phone, by video, by text, but not face to face with advisers for advice to accept or reject
Once again our FinC is MIA; like he does not care in total disconnect
There will be no video of the Obama working on the plane but I suspect
With all the complaints on his leadership several stiff drinks he will not reject
He can only seek the safety and comfort of fleeing to his fundraising lair
While cruising in the skies in Air Force One where there is “tranquility” in the air
Nero in legend fiddled but at least stayed in Rome while Rome burned to the ground
Our FinC cannot wait no matter the flames to hop on Air Force One and get out of town
It is difficult to give him a break but maybe his narcissism has taken a slight rest
He has cancelled an appearance on the Kimmel Show high fiving with celebs which he does best.
When will this President learn that leading is not waiting for the next scandal or crisis to occur
Then after heaping blame after being blindsided on the Reds reacting to find a cure
© July 22, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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