Thursday, July 10, 2014

Like Okies Being Stopped At California Border During Dust Bowl Murrieta Stands Its Ground

Murrieta has that look of the Okies being turned away
Desperate families fleeing the Dust Bowl to California’s dismay
Less than 90 years ago the residents stood up to the migration block
Their hearts frozen, compassion for fellow Americans completely locked
Fast forward to today and the scene in Murrieta is pretty much the same
Only here there is no Dust Bowl and no Great Depression to blame
The mode of transportation is not jalopies loaded down with possession to the gills
Barely moving, steam out of the radiators, tires so bald they look ready to kill
No, today sleek modern buses loaded with kids to in this town be dumped and released
Behind them more potential buses as the flow across the border does not seem to decrease
Passions are running high, lots of flag waving, yelling and even some spits
This move to violence over whether the illegals should be deported needs to quit
Worse the news is that maybe the Minutemen are on the march to the border secure
That’s a recipe for violence and will this crisis not even come close to cure
This protest in Murrieta was not a World Cup game being played on California soil
Why were Mexican flags being waved to support an open boarder as passions boiled?
Whatever happened to one flag, one nation from many nations of many races and creeds?
Whatever happened to the melting pot assimilation we desperately need?
As our President dithers without any plan other than for 4 billion dollars for lawyers and judges to spend
With little if any for more agents so this influx has a chance to quickly end
Amend the law so all aliens, border and nonborder, are treated exactly the same
Deportable if caught, not released on a promise to appear so we can have a border in fact rather than only in name.
© July 10, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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