Thursday, July 10, 2014

Obama Guzzles Beer The Press Is Being Muzzled

The sound coming from the media is looking more and more like rats splashing into the water from a sinking ship
Finally after 6 years of fawning worship the infatuation over Obama is losing its grip
The media is now waking up to the rest of us mortals quite apparent
This administration is anything but transparent
38 media organizations have joined in a letter to complain
Over attempts to manipulate news in ways to give the public severe chest pains
The promise to be the most transparent administration of all time
Coated over with continually added coats of more scandal grime
A recent case in point involves the restrictions on the media from the detention centers for the kids
Anything occurring at a center, DHSS wants to completely clamp down impenetrable lid
Almost like the don’t ask don’t tell mantra was no longer up to the task
At a center of the illegal kids it is you can look but no questions can you ask
There may be privacy issues at the detention center at Fort Sill for the kids that the media should respect
But a blanket no photos, no questions, no recordings are bans we should reject
If these kids were to with the media their motives or understandings explain
Safe bet they would their belief state that once here they have a safe haven just attained
They might talk about conditions that are less than humane
Especially as exposure to disease increases and sanitary conditions wane
© July 10, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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