Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hamas A Humanitarian Group What Was Pelosi Smoking?

Gaza is looking more and more like an underground piece of Swiss cheese
With deep tunnels enabling Hamas to go here and there as they please
Human moles from our experience in Vietnam are difficult to root out and kill
Each day more Israeli soldiers are added to the butcher’s bill
Joined by numerous Palestinians that Hamas has put in harm’s way
More deaths only adding to the Blood Debt in the future the Jewish State may have to repay
As long as the rockets of Hamas are on the attack
The U.S. and the EU need to get off Israel’s back
For Pelosi to on an interview CNN that Hamas is a humanitarian organization imply
All sense of common sense and reason defy
Worse Pelosi alleges that the Qataris believe Hamas is not a terrorist group
The same Qataris to whom the Taliban leaders we released and are planning how many Americans they can shoot
Pelosi has on the issue of Hamas as much credibility as Reid’s   claim the border is secure
How many more flights into unreality from the two of them do we have to endure?

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