Saturday, July 19, 2014

Over 300 Protests On Immigration Crisis Obama Lives For Another Fundraiser

We all know that our President instead of being a commander in chief
Is only interesting in being fundraiser in chief when in a crisis this nation seeks relief
Now another label looks like it may stick
Smuggler in chief or the acronym SiC
Phonetically describes the condition of his immigration stand
As the flood of illegals remains completely out of hand
65 percent of the country believes his handling of immigration stinks
While his world of tranquility moves ever closer to a deadly brink
Each day we look to the news to see how many join the 40 we managed to deport
The list is zero; like his record it comes up completely short
At least in his being blunderer in chief a silver lining can be found
As long as he is raising cash, he is not penning executive orders in D.C. town
Rather he can go for a photo op at the Charcoal Pit
No wonder we think he is clueless when tragedy hits
When it comes to fundraisers he cannot quit
Always looking for in crisis another reason to from D.C. and leadership split 
More dollars raised, another photo op
How much lower will his ratings drop?
Even Reid with all his banana republic dictator like Senate rules
Will not be able to protect his Blues in the fall from the acts of fools
© July 19, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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